Discover Card Online ‘Cat’ Advertisement

Polymyth got the chance to work with the folks behind the amazing Acrocats to create this fun online spot for Discover Card. It took a few weeks for the cat actors to learn to unwind toilet paper on command, but they were consummate professionals on set, only eating one of our office plants.

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Dance Logistics ‘About the Company’

Polymyth created this ‘about the company’ video to introduce people to Dance Logistics, a trucking company based out of Indiana. Utilizing drone footage and traditional camerawork, this video gives people a cinematic peak inside the world of truck driving. It doesn’t hurt that Dance Logistics has some stunning trucks… You can also find this video […]

Dude Wipes Online Advertisement

Polymyth Productions teamed up with Dude Wipes to create this hilarious introduction to their core product. Featuring a hapless dad, an adorable child, and Mark Cuban, we pulled out all the stops, building sets, creating tons of Dude Wipes branded props, and a giant butt/basketball hoop. Take it to the hole! This video is not […]

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MISSD Animated Video

Polymyth Productions worked with MISSD to create an animated video that explains a difficult subject in an engaging, informative way. Utilizing hand-drawn animation allowed us to illustrate abstract ideas and emotions in a way that live video often struggles with.

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American Marketing Association

When the American Marketing Association rebranded, they needed a video to show off the new logo and explain to their chapters what was behind the new look. Polymyth created this video from motion graphics, animation, live video, and found footage. The video is a stirring look into what drivers the marketing profession, and how they […]

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Discover Deals Made Easy

Polymyth worked with Discover to create this fun video showing off how easy it is to navigate the Discover Deals web interface. Motion graphics are integrated into live-action footage to highlight portions of the website without becoming a boring how-to video.