Whiteboard Video

Have you ever found yourself scribbling on a napkin when trying to explain a complex idea to someone?

Hand-drawn visuals have facilitated communication since the days of cave paintings, but in the past few years whiteboard videos have revolutionized the way people explain (and share) complex ideas.

With whiteboard video, the world is your napkin.

Whiteboard and Explainer Videos

Watching a drawing get created before your eyes is a more engaging experience than passively watching a traditional informational video.

While our explainer videos are most frequently drawn on a whiteboard, the possibilities are endless if you want to get creative. We can use chalkboard, paper, wood, glass, and more — if it can be drawn on, it can be used for an explainer video. Add in animations, sound effects and clever visual touches, and you can have an engaging video that not only informs, but also impresses.

Storytelling with Whiteboard Video

The Polymyth team will work with you to figure out how best to present your concept. Planning is crucial in this kind of project, so we will work closely with you to build a script and detailed storyboards before shooting.

Our in-house artist Carter Lodwick will execute all of the drawings by hand, and then our editors will finish the video with effects, animation, voiceover, sound effects, and more.