Music Video Production

Music videos offer a unique opportunity for musicians to share their story and vision with fans.

At Polymyth we love to create music videos as they offer endless opportunities to create exciting narratives and use a myriad of visual techniques.

Why Create a Music Video?

Today the internet allows for music videos to become an extension of the musician’s brand, a way of getting their audience excited, finding new fans, and even creating products as an end in themselves. Music videos have launched massively successful careers by going viral, with some performers largely owing their success to the videos they created.

Creating Your Vision

Whether you need Polymyth to help you come up with a new concept or just need some video professionals to make your vision a reality, Polymyth is here to help. Our professional team can handle the entire process, all the way through pre-production, shooting, and editing. Working closely with the artist, Polymyth makes sure that you know exactly what’s going on and keeps the process fun and stress-free.

Over the years, we’ve worked in nearly every genre, from heavy metal to inspirational pop, and love working with musicians to help them create exciting videos that act as an extension of who they are.