Creative Video Production

Polymyth has helped clients shoot feature length films, web series, comedy sketches, short films and more.

Our professional video crew is experienced at working alongside other directors and teams, giving them the technical tools and expertise they need to get the job done right.

An Experienced Creative Team

The team at Polymyth Productions has a long history of working in the world of sketch comedy and independent film, telling stories and making audiences laugh. We bring this playful spirit and understanding of comic timing to everything from advertising to corporate video and beyond.

Full End-to-End Capabilities

We have a full set of lighting, sound and video equipment, as well as our own beautiful studio space in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. This also means we have access to a wide variety of locations, actors and crew members.

We also have access to a deep roster of experienced directors, producers, directors of photography, assistant directors, camera operators, sound operators, editors, writers, sound designers, and colorists. We can build a custom team for your project, and scale it to fit your budget and scope.