Corporate and Industrial Video Production

Training videos, product demonstrations, safety videos and more. Whenever your company needs to educate or inform, we can help.

Informative videos can also be engaging and entertaining — and we believe they can tell stories, too.

The Power of Storytelling

Recent studies have shown that the human brain most effectively stores and recalls information when it is in story format. Stories are literally how we are wired to communicate.

Whenever possible, we use story structures and storytelling principles to deliver information — even (and especially) with content (such as corporate training videos) that typically do not take advantage of storytelling.

Focused on Your Goals

If you are seeking an end-to-end creative partner, the Polymyth team can take your video from concept to completion. If you already have a completed script and just need an experienced crew to bring your video to life, Polymyth is happy to accommodate that too.

We are equally comfortable working with local businesses and large corporations, with projects small and large.